UK Breast Cancer Group is a forum for Clinical and Medical Oncologists

UK Breast Cancer Group (UKBCG) Membership Application

From January 1st 2018, Membership will be charged at £50 (fifty pounds sterling) per annum and further details will be issued before the end of 2017, including methods of payment.


Membership is open to individuals approved by the Trustees.

a) Full membership of UKBCG shall be open to:

i) Consultant Clinical and Medical Oncologists, who have completed the registration form/paid the annual subscription (applicable from January 2018).

ii) Associate specialists or speciality doctor, postdoctoral research fellows, career registrars in clinical or medical oncology who are interested in furthering the work of the UKBCG and who have completed the registration form/paid the annual subscription (applicable from January 2018).

b) Honorary Membership

Honorary membership will be granted at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be offered to those full members deemed to have made outstanding contribution to or to the field of oncology. Honorary members will receive free circulation of correspondence from the UKBCG.

Only full members shall be entitled to vote at the Annual General Meeting. Every full member shall have one vote.


Commencing 2018, all subscriptions are due on 1st January (with payment received by UKBCG Secretariat by 31st January) each year and run from 1st January to 31st December.

Full members: £50.00 per annum

Subscriptions are set by the Executive Committee and approved by the Annual General Meeting.


Any member in any category who fails to pay his or her subscription within two months of the due date of payment in spite of appropriate notification shall cease to be a member of the UKBCG.

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For the remainder of 2017 Membership of UKBCG will be issued free of charge and will include a reduced fee for the Annual UKBCG meeting in November.
Going forward, membership will also include access to restricted parts of UKBCG website (including UKBCG guidelines and shared care protocols), peer support from the breast oncology community and an opportunity to have a voice and influence national management of breast cancer.